Cell Phone Stops Bullet, Saves Life

A Cleveland business owner is grateful for his cell phone for doing more than making calls after it stopped a bullet during a robbery.

A Cleveland business owner could have used a bullet proof vest during a robbery, but instead, he used his cell phone.

John McCurley, 69, believes his cell phone stopped a potentially fatal bullet during a hold-up at John's Used Auto Parts on Tuesday, Fox 8 News reports.

Police said the gunman shot McCurley, the owner, in the chest and the abdomen, then shot a customer, Doug Jones, who entered the store while the robbery was in progress. The suspect then ran out the door.

Employee Steve Smith was alerted to the situation and tried to stabilize McCurley before the paramedics arrived. He noted the cell phone's fortunate and life-saving placement.

"His phone was in his pocket -- it was like crumpled up in his shirt -- so I took his phone out. It looked like an ice cream cone, and I set it on the counter," Smith told Fox 8 News.

"And that's when I ripped his shirt open and you could see the bullet hole was right under his nipple, and apparently the phone deflected it down into his kidney...saved his life man," he added.

McCurley is in critical condition after undergoing surgery at MetroHealth Medical Center. Jones was treated for injuries at the hospital and released.

The gunman remains at large.

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